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Born and raised in Northern Nevada and now living in the exciting town of Las Vegas. When I am not working on designs or building web sites, I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my wife and puppy! I also have recently taken up photography (mostly landscape and wildlife).

I am always interested in new and exciting challenges. If you have feedback on a design of mine, questions, or simply want to grab coffee I am all ears! Please feel free to drop me a line via the contact section below or reach out via any of the social channels listed.




I love seeing projects through the finish line, but where a design starts defines where it is going. My process revolves around four key phases: understanding, wireframing, UI design, and prototyping. The most critical is the understanding phase. It is at this level that we ensure we are building the right solution to the right problem

Once those key questions are answered, we move on to defining the user journey by way of wireframes and UX principles. That user experience is then enhanced by creating brand compliant visual interest through UI design. The last step is the creation of a prototype to hand off to end users to test interactions and validate assumptions.

The video included here outlines this process in depth, so please give it a quick watch!

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Debate the Greats Landing Page

Debate the Greats landing page screenshot

A landing page built for a defunct side project, Debate the Greats. This is the work featured in the process case study. The landers leverages a traditional Z pattern above the fold on desktop. The long form then attempts to capture leads with multiple contrast driven focal points.

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Filter Driven Data Table

A table design that places emphasis on the UX of data manipulation. The core use case was to provide unlimited flexibility when filtering and manipulating columns for quick viewing of summary data.

Wireframe | Data Table One | Data Table Two | Filters Modal

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Anchor DCIM Application

Screenshot of the Anchor Application in Figma

A full prototype for a data center infrastructure management mobile application. The application was to launch on android first, so the prototype follow material design principles. The core use case was to allow IT professionals the ability to quickly identify and resolve see services that are out of their normal state (online), so we implemented a dashboard and alert systems for quick notifications. We also designed a system to quickly schedule tasks to resolve problems that did not require the power of a desktop application. Below you can view the mockups, and the finished prototype.

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